Torelli Serpent Carbon Fibre Fins

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TORELLI Pure Carbon Serpent Fins are very reactive springing quickly back into shape thereby transferring power with minimal energy loss, giving you more energy for longer and deeper dives. The difference between plastic fins and TORELLI Pure Carbon Serpent Fins is exceptional and is worth every cent of the extra cost. The analogy in performance is like riding a bike with flat tyres in comparison to riding a bike with pressurized tyres. The blades are manufactured to the strictest tolerances using pure carbon fibre impregnated with highly technical resin. A double sided vacuum infusion process ensuring that there is no trapped air in carbon fibre matting.

The parabolic flexing curvature is achieved by careful material placement and fibre orientation. Torelli Serpent Carbon fibre blades are available in four hardness levels loosely based on the diver’s body mass. Serpent 40 (40kg-60kg): Very soft blades recommended for small divers in calm conditions. Serpent 60 (60kg-80kg): Soft blades suitable for long surface swims, divers in calm conditions or unfit divers. Serpent 80 (80kg-100kg): Most commonly used blades in a medium hardness very suitable for normal spearfishing. Serpent 100 (90kg+): Medium/Hard blade for fit divers, deep divers and large divers.

Torelli Serpent carbon fibre blades carry a two year warranty against breakage to the original owner. Please retain you proof of purchase for warranty verification. This warranty does not cover splits to the ends caused by kicking of the bottom and cracks originating from any fixing holes drilled into the blade. Please allow a couple of days for these fins to be assembled to your specification.